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 Server Information

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PostSubject: Server Information   Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:16 pm


Head GM

* Asym

Event GM

* Yoshikazu
* Rean

* Saix


* 500x
* 300x
* 250x

Server Features
* Flyff v14
* Lord System
* Buff Pang
* New Upgrading system
* Guild Siege
* Azria/Coral Island
* Shaduwar
* Green Set Shop + CS Items
* Rainbow Race

Server Rules
* Do not ask to be GM.
* Do not use profanity near someone who appears to dislike it.
* Please respect one another.
* Do not harass / Provoke other players.
* No discrimination or degrading of one's status(race, sex, etc).
* Do not try to impersonate someone else. This includes pretending to be a staff member or another player without the original person's acknowledgment & approval.
* Do not beg for money or items.
* No botting, hacking, manipulating files or playing the game unfairly.
* The individual will be warned and continuous offense's will result in punishment.
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Server Information
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